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Fine Art Projects

All images presented in this section are for sale. This section will be updated regularly with new artwork. Any questions concerning the purchase of any artwork, please refer to the purchase section of this website. Thank you!

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urban landscape

Our cities have so much to offer to the strolling observer that will take time to see the hidden beauty that surrounds us.

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water world

Above or below the oceans, a myriad of images will imprint themselves in the explorer's memory.

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A unique view of trees where the textures and the surrounding landscape blend together to create pleasant sculptures.

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Travelling provides a rich opportunity to produce original and unique images that are spontaneous and embodies the moment of the situation at hand.

Over 20 years experience

A bachelor's degree in science from Concordia University and a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, I divide my time between two passions, science and the art of taking pictures. As a professional photographer, I have published in various magazines as well as worked for corporate clients and today, after being awarded various prizes, my body of work is transitioning toward the fine art photography.

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toaf61 photography
Taking part of TOAF61 from July 8th to July 17th 2022 is a privilege. I will be presenting a series of 6 photographs made in 2021 and 4 in 2018 about the beauty of our urban landscapes. Come and visit me at TOAF61!

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fuji Film awards
What a moment. Winning three categories : portrait, photo journalism and architecture in one contest. Motivation to keep going will take over and stay!

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Uncropped Images Book
"It's a compilation of my work from 3 trips. China, Peru and Hawaii. The book can be purchased directly from Blurb or Amazon."

My philosophy behind my work

The vision

Either commercial or fine art, it's about the vision. Careful research on the subject as well as experimentation will shape the vision and the outset of the final images in a project.

The medium

The most appropriate medium, film or digital sensor, will be chosen according to the set forth vision. Film and digital sensors together provide a larger playing field that allows flexibility to  express one imagination and creativity.

The format

35mm, 6X7, DX, full frame digital, smaller digital sensors all have a place in the photographer's arsenal to achieve the goal of making that perfect image. That image becomes the vision. 

The art

 It's all about the art. It's has no masters, it's about everything and anything, it's an experience, it's a lifelong adventure and introspection.